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Whether you’re affected by headaches and back pain or have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or another neurological condition, you’ll find help for all your needs. We offer specialized care in your community, treating people of all ages for:

Explore all neuroscience services and treatments.

Stroke care

When you arrive with stroke symptoms, the first few minutes are critical. Through rapid diagnosis and treatment, our stroke team helps hundreds of people recover from stroke each year.

Lutheran Medical Center is recognized as a Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center by DNV-GL Healthcare. That’s good news for you. Certified Comprehensive Stroke Centers deliver the highest quality in advanced care and treatment for stroke, which can help decrease disability and death from stroke.

Learn about stroke care.

Epilepsy monitoring unit

Our neurosciences team specializes in epilepsy monitoring and treatment. We use our round-the-clock epilepsy monitoring unit to evaluate, diagnose and treat seizures. The unit provides cognitive testing and inpatient and outpatient continuous EEG monitoring. This lets us test and measure your brain electrical activity. Learn more

You’ll benefit from the support of others who understand what you’re going through. Attend our epilepsy support group.

Learn about epilepsy and seizures.

Neurocritical care unit

Our special care unit at Lutheran is designed for people who need high-level neurological care. The neurocritical care unit team of doctors and certified neurosciences nurses observe and monitor patients who need some extra care during an illness or after surgery.


Your nervous system is complex and delicate. It affects how you think, speak and move. We use proven technologies and techniques for neurological care. The team includes nurses, pharmacists, surgeons, doctors and therapists who are experienced in neurosurgery, pain management and rehabilitation.

Imaging for precision surgery

Our advanced imaging systems capture high-quality, 3-D images before, during and after surgery. The high-tech imaging gives our surgeons a better view, allowing them to be more efficient and precise with every move they make.

What does that mean for you? Smaller incisions and a quicker recovery.

Learn about brain and spine surgery.

Acute Rehabilitation

Following surgery, rehabilitation begins at your bedside. Physical, speech and occupational therapists will help you regain strength and relearn skills in a supportive environment.

Learn about rehabilitation services at Lutheran Medical Center.

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