Grief Support

Our grief support groups are offered at Lutheran Medical Center - Collier Hospice Center in Wheat Ridge, Colo., or virtually (online).

Lutheran Hospice provides an array of grief support services created to meet the needs of those who have lost a loved one within the previous 13 months. Services are provided virtually and, to a limited degree, in-person at Collier Center. To learn more and to register, please contact the Bereavement Program at 303-403-7410.

Grief Education and Support for the Recently Bereaved

Three week grief group aimed at supporting those within the first six months following the death of a loved one. It is designed to deepen the bereaved person’s understanding of grief and to gain support from the group. Registration is required. Group is held monthly.  

Ongoing Grief Support Group

This ongoing monthly grief support group is for adults who are within 13 months of the death of a loved one. It is primarily designed for bereaved participants to gain support from the group through open sharing, with supplementary grief education offered by the facilitator to help deepen participants’ understanding of grief along the way. This group is held monthly, with separate Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon offerings available. Advance registration is required each month as space is limited, no drop-ins please. To register for this group, please contact the Bereavement Program at 303-403-7410.

Individual Grief Support

Individual in-person and virtual grief support is available on a limited basis for those who have experienced a death loss within the last 13 months. This offering is suitable for those who need more in-depth support than is available through our groups.

Grief Education for Bereaved Spouses & Partners

This six week group emphasizes education and support for the bereaved partner or spouse with the goal of improved adaptation to loss. Participants must be four months or more past their loss. Group is held several times a year.

Equine Assisted Grief Support Group

This three week group is for those grieving a loved one who would like to take part in the unique experience of grieving in the presence of horses. This group offers a safe space for experiencing feelings of grief, provides opportunities for connection with horses and with others through group sharing, and aims to increase self-awareness through practicing mindfulness in a natural setting alongside horses. No previous horse experience necessary. Registration is required. Offered several times a year from Spring to Fall.

Coping with the Holidays

This presentation provides specific information on handling grief during the holiday season. Ideas for self care, managing and modifying holiday demands and honoring/ remembering lost loved ones in special ways are provided. We review the basic effects of grief and give you “permission” to manage this demanding season in the way that is best for you.

Memorial Services

Quarterly memorial services to honor loved ones who have died in our hospice program are offered in Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec. Invitations are sent to family members for this special opportunity to remember loved ones.

To learn more and to register, please contact the Bereavement Program at 303-403-7410

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