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Hospital Transformation Program

The Hospital Transformation Program (HTP) is a Health Care Policy and Finance program designed to: strengthen community engagement, reduce costs, and enhance care coordination for patients enrolled in Medicaid. The program aims to improve patient outcomes through care redesign and integration with community-based providers, lower Medicaid costs through reductions in avoidable care, and prepare Colorado hospitals for future value-based payment environments.

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The Hospital Transformation Program Application Summary

Click here to review a list and brief description of each of SCL Health's selected measures

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Click here to review the hospital's planned stakeholder engagement and proposed intervention strategies

Review the intervention proposals

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                                         The links below provider a detailed summary of the scope and goals of each proposed HTP intervention. 

   SW-RAH1: 30-Day All-Cause Risk Adjusted Hospital Readmission

   SW-CP1: Social Needs Screening and Notification  

   SW-BH1: Collaborative Discharge Planning Process and Notification 

   SW-BH3: Using Alternative to Opioids in the Hospital ED’s

   SW-COE1: Hospital Index

   SW-PH1: Severity Adjusted Length of Stay

   RAH4: Percentage of Patients with Ischemic Stroke who are Discharged on Statin Meds (eCQM)

   CP6: Screening and Referral for Perinatal and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety and Notification of Positive Screens to           the RAE

   CP4: Screening for Transitions of Care Supports in Adults with Disabilities

   COE2: Implementation/Expansion of Telemedicine Visits

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