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4th Annual Chip in Fore Lutheran Golf TournamentChipInForeLutheran
Monday, July 26, 2021 at Lakewood Country Club

The 4th Annual Chip in Fore Lutheran Golf Tournament will support patient care at Lutheran. This tournament provides guests an exclusive opportunity to golf at Lakewood Country Club, featuring a rolling, wooded course.

Don’t miss your chance to golf at this private club and win prizes while helping to create the margin of excellence patients can expect when treated at Lutheran. For more information call 303-467-4800 or email

Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available!

Golf Advantages

Pre-purchase your mulligan and string for the Chip in Fore Lutheran Golf Tournament. Limited quantities will be available on site - please order in advance to receive your advantages in your golf cart on event day.

Mulligan - Replay any stroke on the course without penalty, limit 2 per golfer.

String - Use string to move your ball to a more advantageous spot without penalty, limit 3 per golfer.

Chip In Fore Lutheran | SCL Health | Wheat Ridge, CO

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