Lung or Chest Surgery

Conditions that affect your lung and chest region can be very complex. If you have a thoracic condition, lung and chest surgery may help improve your quality of life.

Our team has unparalleled expertise performing surgery on:

  • Chest cavity, especially repairing chest wall deformities and mediastinoscopy
  • Lungs and ribs, including biopsies, surgery, nodule resection, volume reduction
  • Diaphragm, like paralyzed diaphragm repair
  • Reflux Surgery, and other non-invasive types of anti-reflux therapy
  • Structures around the heart, like your aorta
  • Tracheoplasty and tracheal dilations
  • Upper spine
  • Other surrounding organs

Lung and chest surgery may help treat lung cancer as well as non-cancerous conditions.

Learn more about lung cancer treatments.

We are constantly expanding our treatment options and pateint services. We recommend minimally invasive procedures whenever it is appropriate. By having a minimally invasive procedure, you will likely experience benefits like:

  • A faster recovery
  • Less pain
  • Reduced scarring

Learn more about robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

We also offer video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). This procedure utilizes a few small incisions in the chest. Surgery is completed with long instruments and a camera.

When you need surgery, you want unparalleled expertise. When you use our care team and facilities, you get that expertise.

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