Holy Rosary Foundation

Beneficiary Designation

Ideal for 401ks, IRAs, Life Insurance Gifts

Qualified retirement plans, such as 401Ks and IRAs, are excellent assets to gift to the Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation. Contact the financial institution administering these accounts to complete a "beneficiary designation" form naming the Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation as the beneficiary upon death. This removes these assets from otherwise burdensome income taxation, and for a taxable-sized estate, creates a charitable deduction.

A life insurance policy can also be gifted to the Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation by contacting your insurance underwriter to complete the necessary forms.

To learn more about how this type of gift arrangement works, please contact the Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation at 406.233.4043, foundation@hrh-mt.org, or select the "Contact Us" tab on this page.

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