Integrative Medicine at Good Samaritan Medical Center

Spa treatments and daily stress relief may come to mind when you think of massage, meditation and other integrative therapies. But these services are also proven, reliable ways to promote healing and well-being. Often described as “alternative” or “complementary,” these healthcare approaches were developed outside of conventional, mainstream Western medicine.

Our integrative medicine services combine the best of both approaches to your health in a coordinated way. Our professionals apply their medical knowledge when administering these long-practiced therapies and treatments to prevent disease and maintain health. If you are ill or require surgery, integrative medicine may be used to support conventional medical treatments.

Conditions that benefit from integrative medicine

Our trained, compassionate professionals use integrative therapies to help you with a wide range of conditions and needs, including:

  • Addiction and behavioral disorders
  • Chronic conditions such as cancer, obesity or stroke
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Pain
  • Weight loss and healthy living

Integrative therapies and services

We offer a range of services to support your health, from acupuncture and cupping to nutritional counseling and yoga.

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What to expect from integrative medicine

In some ways, going to one of our integrative therapists is like going to your doctor. Your therapist will spend your first appointment getting to know you to help determine the best course of therapy for your health needs. Your first appointment will be 15 – 30 minutes longer than follow-up appointments so that you and your therapist can discuss every aspect of your current health and wellness. The two of you will discuss recommended therapies that fit your needs, and from there, you’ll work together on a plan of treatment. Treatment and services may include a combination of individual care, therapies and education, and you’ll have regular consultations to adjust the plan as needed.

Helping you heal

At the Center for Integrative Medicine at Good Samaritan Medical Center, you’ll find a variety of therapies that can complement your conventional medical plan or serve as an alternative treatment for your condition. Our therapists are well-versed in medicine and have a passion for bringing together conventional and integrative medicine. They’ll help you find a combination that will work best for you. We support your path to wellness and health before, during and after illness or surgery, without giving you more medications.

Holistic cancer care

Located at the Cancer Centers of Colorado at Good Samaritan, we provide specialized support to people in treatment for cancer. Integrative medicine is an approach to patient care that takes a person’s body, mind and spirit into account. We believe integrative medicine can be used as part of your treatment plan before and after surgery, as well as during chemotherapy to help manage symptoms and side effects of your cancer treatments, reduce stress and improve your overall outcome and quality of life.


We offer reflexology, a specialized massage that stimulates certain points on the feet and hands that affect specific zones of the body. Reflexology can relieve tension and pain and improve blood circulation in these areas, promoting healing.

Community outreach and services

We support local events and health fairs and partner with businesses to offer corporate chair massages. A 10- to 15- minute massage is a proven way to reduce stress and increase productivity, without requiring employees to leave the workplace. Our experts bring this therapy to you with on-site chair massages.

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