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If the unexpected happens, you need the best care as quickly as possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to head to Denver or Boulder to find the experts. Good Samaritan Medical Center is the only Level II Trauma Center right here in your community.

Immediate response to critical injuries

Traumatic injuries can threaten your health, your life and your long-term chances of recovery. It’s essential to have around-the-clock access to trauma experts with the skill and technology to treat critical injuries stemming from accidents or assault.

Why Trauma Centers are important

A facility earns the title of Level, I, II, III, IV or V “designated trauma center” when it meets requirements established by the state. Levels depend on the types of resources available and the number of trauma cases handled each year. In addition, Good Samaritan Medical Center took extra steps to receive trauma verification by the American College of Surgeons.

Good Samaritan Medical Center is a Level II trauma center, which includes the following services and benefits for you:

First Responder Partnerships

  • What we provide: We work closely with EMS and fire departments by providing trauma education and improving the transfer of care.
  • The benefit to you: You are treated by prepared professionals who work with the hospital to care for you before you even arrive.

24/7 Trauma Surgeon

  • What we provide: A trauma surgeon is at the hospital 24/7, every day of the year.
  • The benefit to you: No matter when you need care, a surgeon is always available to help you.

Operating Room at the Ready

  • What we provide: The entire trauma team and an operating room are ready the moment you arrive.
  • The benefit to you: Because every second counts, our team moves quickly to provide the best care.

Specialists on Call

  • What we provide: We always have specialists on call for unique cases like head or orthopedic injuries.
  • The benefit to you: You will be treated by the best of the best and will rarely need to be transferred to another hospital.

Hospital-wide Coordination

  • What we provide: Virtually every department in the hospital has been specially trained to help you, plus a care manager is dedicated to your recovery process.
  • The benefit to you: You’ll get exceptional care, seamless coordination and tireless support no matter team is working with you or what treatment and recovery you need.

Safety Reviews

  • What we provide: We review every single case to ensure safety and quality and to identify any chance for improvement.
  • The benefit to you: You aren’t just a number – your safety and quality of care is constantly in focus, which means you’ll get the best care possible even in the toughest situations.

Trauma Education and Support

As a Trauma Center, we’re actively committed to preventing trauma and preparing our community to respond seamlessly when critical injuries occur. This effort includes outreach strategies for injury prevention, continuing education for trauma team members and continuous improvement to our trauma services. 

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