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Hands on baby headNatural Birth is a Sacred Time

Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center is designed to support your every need and keep your options open during labor and birth. Birth is a sacred time and we do all we can to make your experience wonderful.

  • A roomy tub in each birth room for waterbirth options

We know that your best birth comes when we all follow your body’s lead. Our midwives and nurses support and care for you throughout your labor to provide the safest, gentlest, most memorable natural birth for you and your family.

“I loved how spacious your tubs are and that they could very comfortably fit both me and my husband! Having him in there with me was so helpful and beautiful!!
— Sharon L. (BBBC Mama)

[Photos of bedroom, tub, kitchen, and Water Birth Tub]

A Comfortable Place

Feel at home at the birth center with:

  • Freedom to move around and change positions as often as you desire
  • Room for you to personalize your space
  • Waiting area for family or friends
  • WiFi internet access
  • A kitchen for family use
  • Available emergency supplies if needed at the birth center
  • Quick access to St. Mary’s Hospital if a transfer is needed

To learn more about giving birth at our natural birth Center, take our free orientation and tour.

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