Advanced & Specialty Cardiology Programs

The SCL Health Heart & Vascular Institute strives to offer excellent clinical outcomes, the most advanced treatment options and some of the highest rated patient experiences for care in Colorado. With award-winning heart and vascular care at all SCL Health Denver-area hospitals, several advanced and sub-specialty programs for heart care have been established at Saint Joseph Hospital in Central Denver.

Structural Heart Diseases

Bringing together a team of interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, imaging experts, nurses and technologists, SCL Health is home to one of the best-rated structural heart programs in the Western United States.

Our team specializes in:

Endovascular & Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair – EVAR / TEVAR

An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a serious and often deadly condition. To treat AAA, SCL Health has developed a leading EVAR / TEVAR program to provide patients with a minimally-invasive treatment option to repair this major artery while saving lives.

With the expertise of regionally renowned vascular surgeons and specialists, the EVAR / TEAVR program at Saint Joseph Hospital has outstanding outcomes and is able to take on the most difficult cases, such as ruptured abdominal aortic aneurisms (rAAA), that other hospitals are not equipped to handle.

Pulmonary Hypertension

The pulmonary hypertension program at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver brings together a multidisciplinary heart and lung care team from SCL Health and National Jewish Health, the nation’s #1 respiratory care provider.

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a dangerous form of high blood pressure affecting the lungs and the right side of the heart and can lead to heart failure, heart rhythm problems, and other serious complications. As PH represents a broad set of chronic lung diseases and cardiovascular conditions, it is extremely important that patients receive accurate diagnosis, proper testing and appropriate treatment – all of which are the hallmarks of the advanced programs at National Jewish Health and Saint Joseph Hospital.

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Intensive Cardiac Rehab

Saint Joseph Hospital is proud to be the only hospital in the Denver area offering an Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program based on Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™. Ornish Lifestyle Medicine is backed by the results of more than 35 years of scientific research to reverse the progression of heart disease.

Intensive Cardiac Rehab is a 9-week program that includes:

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Electrophysiology (EP)

SCL Health as grown its electrophysiology program and capabilities to rival that of some of the largest heart programs in the nation. With a focus on better technologies and better access for patients, the SCL Health Heart & Vascular Institute has performed more Afib and non-Afib ablations than ever before.  

Electrophysiology treatment modalities available through the SCL Health Heart & Vascular Institute include:

Advanced Heart Failure Program

The Advanced Heart Failure Program at the SCL Health Heart & Vascular Institute provides innovative treatments, reduces symptoms and enhances the quality of life for patients with heart failure.

With the goal of reducing hospital admissions and extending the lives of heart failure patients, the Advanced Heart Failure program works closely with patients, and their current health care providers to create a successful treatment plan. Focusing on education for self-care, medication management, careful testing and monitoring, and fast access to adjunct therapies when needed, the program provides a holistic and personalized approach to support patients and their families.

Advanced Heart Failure program services include:

Cardio-Oncology Program

The Cardio-Oncology Program at SCL Health Heart & Vascular Institute provides comprehensive, collaborative heart and cancer care that seeks to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for those who are currently being treated for cancer as well as cancer survivors susceptible to long-term cardiac complications.

Working closely with a patient’s existing oncology care team, the Cardio-Oncology Program helps create co-managed treatment plans that balance and maximize cancer-fighting therapies with cardio-protective strategies.

The Cardio-Oncology Program services include: