Test Your Savvy on … Childhood Stuttering

Determine if the following statements are true or false. The correct answers appear below.

1. Most children who stutter outgrow it.

2. Children who stutter usually have emotional problems.

3. Boys are more likely to stutter than girls.

4. Children who stutter need treatment.


1. True. About 75 percent of children stop stuttering as they get older.

2. False. Emotional trauma rarely causes stuttering. Experts don’t know exactly why children stutter, but it tends to run in families.

3. True. Boys are about two to three times more likely to stutter than girls. Boys are also more likely to continue stuttering into adulthood.

4. True. Early treatment can prevent stuttering from becoming a lifelong problem. Seek treatment if your child stutters for more than three to six months.

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