Test Your Savvy on … Autism


1. All people with autism are alike.

True     False

2. Autism can be cured.

True     False

3. Look for a pediatrician or child psychologist/psychiatrist who has an expertise in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) to guide your child’s treatment.

True     False

4. Autism often goes hand in hand with other disorders.

True     False



1. False. Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) make up a group of developmental disabilities that affect social, communication, and behavioral abilities. They are called spectrum disorders because they affect each person in a different way, and symptoms can range from mild to severe.

2. False. Currently there is no cure for ASD, but early diagnosis and intervention can greatly improve a child’s development.

3. True. Consult him or her before trying an alternative therapy, such as a special diet or supplements.

4. True. For instance, many can’t sleep well, experience seizures, or struggle with gastrointestinal troubles. Your child’s doctor should treat these conditions and work with you and your child to manage autism.

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