Haiku Canto

Epic Haiku/Canto Configurator

To use Haiku and Canto on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, follow the four steps below. Haiku and Canto are available to physicians, midlevels and residents who are qualified by SCL Health policy to access patient information from off-campus.  

All steps must be performed from your mobile device. 

Step 1. Install the latest version of the Haiku or Canto application (available through the App or Play Store by searching "Epic Haiku" or "Epic Canto") on your mobile device. Navigate to this webpage on your mobile device and click the appropriate link below to install the application:

NOTE:  Once you install the app, open it and accept the user agreement.  You will need to then return to this page to continue to step 2.

Step 2. If not already on your phone for other SCL applications, install the PingID MFA application, available on the App or Play Store.  The instructions to setup multifactor authentication are available on the SCL Landing or you may call TAC for assistance (1-855-866-8282).

Step 3. Configure Haiku/Canto for SCL Health Epic Environment by clicking on the link below from your mobile device. Haiku works on the iPhone-iOS v 6.0 or greater, Android 2.3.3 or greater.  Canto work on iPad specific min iOS version 6.0 or greater. 

Configure Haiku/Canto 

Step 4.  Using Haiku or Canto - connectivity options:

At SCL Health facilities:  connect to or search for the Wi-Fi network while on campus.  LTE through your mobile phone carrier will in general, but coverage may vary by carrier and location within facilities

Off Campus:  Use our devices' cellular carrier service (3G/4G/LTE, etc.) or any secure Wi-Fi connection.

For more information go to the landing or learning home dashboard to access the Haiku/Canto Reference Guides from any SCL Health networked device.

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