Young Adult Childbirth

Offered At:

St Mary's Medical Center
Grand Junction, CO

This class is a four week class that is specifically for our younger expecting moms. In this class you and your support person will learn what all these changes/discomforts are that you are experiencing with your pregnancy.  You will learn what labor and birth really mean, when to go to the hospital and what to expect when you get there.  We will teach you how to utilize relaxation and breathing techniques to help you get through it all.  You will also review medications and interventions and cesarean births.  We will also cover all you need to know about breastfeeding to get off to a great start with your new baby! This class includes a tour of the 6th & 7th floor.  Come be with other soon to be moms that are exactly where you are and wondering the same things about labor and birth!


Women and Children's Childbirth Services
(970) 298-2229

Registration Instructions:

Please register by your 3rd trimester. This class is held on the 5th floor so please park in the garage and take the Monument Elevators to the 5th floor.  You are welcome to bring snack/drink to class.

Class may be cancelled and we will move you to another class if there is NOT enough registrants to hold a class. 



Dates Offered:

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