Private Prepared Childbirth

Offered At:

Saint Joseph Hospital
Denver, CO

A private class can be arranged to meet your individual needs. This class will be tailored to fit you, whether this is your first or subsequent pregnancy. A busy personal schedule may prevent you from attending the traditional Prepared Childbirth class series. A certified childbirth instructor can meet with you for a 2-1/2 hour private session focusing on your specific situation. Once registered, please call The Lactation and Education Center at 303-812-4640 to schedule a date for your private session.

The Lactation and Education Center will need a list of your available dates and times and we will contact our instructors to get your session scheduled.  

Saint Joseph Hospital is located on 19th and Downing.  We offer complementary valet parking or free parking garage to our patients and guests.

Please note that email and phone inquiries will only be answered during our office hours, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.



The Lactation and Education Center

Registration Instructions:

It is recommended you complete this class by your 37th week.





Dates Offered:

This Private Prepared Childbirth Class should be completed by your 37th week.  Please call The Lactation and Education Center (303-812-4640) after you are registered and we will coordinate a date to meet with your certified birth instructor.
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