Lutheran Hospice Quarterly Memorial Service

Offered At:

Lutheran Medical Center
Wheat Ridge, CO

The staff of Lutheran Hospice and the Palliative Care program

invite you, your family and friends to an interfaith candlelight memorial service.

Please call the Answer Line at (303)689 – 4595 to RSVP                    

        The service will be held at Wheat Ridge United Methodist Church

7530 W 38th Ave Wheat Ridge, CO

Parking at Wheat Ridge United Methodist Church is on the south side of the church

If you wish to do so, please bring a photo of your loved one to display during the service (one photo per individual being honored, photo no larger than 5 X 7).

(A reception for family, friends and staff will follow immediately after the service).

Please Note:

A significant part of our Memorial Service is the reading of the names of those

who died in our Hospice; these names are listed in the Memorial Service program.

In order to comply with the requirements of the Patient Privacy Rule, we wish

to inform you that your loved one’s name will be printed in the program and

read at the Memorial Service, unless we hear from you otherwise.

If you do not want your loved one’s name listed, please contact us at






Dates Offered:

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