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Medical Premium Assistance

In keeping with SCL Health’s mission, we are committed to providing affordable medical coverage for our associates and their eligible dependents. Factors such as the number of working individuals in the household or the number of household members can have a dramatic effect on an individual’s ability to afford health insurance, which is why our program takes household size and income into account. Eligible associates receive a 75% discount for the SCL Health medical plan of their choice.  

Note: You may apply for this benefit at any time throughout the year.  Open Enrollment nor a Qualifying Life Event is not required to be considered.

Who's Eligible and How To Apply For

Medical Premium Assistance?

Note:  Eligible associates must re-apply every year in December.  If you are currently participating in Medical Premium Assistance, look for re-application instructions in November each year. 

Affidavit: Application for completion


 Guidelines: Program details

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