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WorkLife Partnership - Life happens

When the unexpected comes your way, WorkLife Partnership is here to help 

SCL Health has partnered with WorkLife Partnership to support you with overcoming difficult work/life challenges. WorkLife uses the expertise of their Resource Navigators to provide you free, confidential support when you need it most.

 What can WorkLife help me with?

·         Finding resources for affordable childcare

·         Support with transportation

·         Budgeting and financial wellness 

·         Understanding medical benefits and how to use them

·         Accessing resources to find affordable housing

·         Connecting with mental behavioral health resources

·         Accessing food pantries

·         And much more!

What happens when I reach out to WorkLife?

When you reach out to WorkLife, you will be connected to your Resource Navigator, Maria Pearson, who can speak with you in a way that’s most convenient for you—over the phone, via text, email, or video chat. Once you meet with Maria, you will work together to create a plan to overcome your work/life challenges.

How do I contact Maria Pearson at WorkLife Partnership?

Sign up to receive email/text alerts:

To receive email and/or text alerts about WorkLife services, please fill out this form.

 *Please keep in mind that Maria will return all emails within 24 hours or the next business day.



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