Having your baby at Birth Center of Denver

Providing a high-touch, low-tech approach to giving birth, Birth Center of Denver empowers women and their families to bring a customized birth plan to life in a beautiful home-like setting. We provide personalized care that helps to ensure the best possible experience for you and your family.

From your first visit with us through the birth of your baby and beyond, our focus is to offer you with guidance and support by providing a strong foundation of education and information to help you make the best choices for your care. The first of its kind in Colorado, our center is owned by Saint Joseph Hospital, so if medical care is ever necessary, Colorado’s top baby hospital is always close by.


Birth Center of Denver experience

Our midwives provide prenatal care, educational classes, labor, delivery, postpartum, and newborn support in an environment that feels like having a home birth.

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Meet our midwives


Betsy Arreguin
Betsy Arreguin, CNM, MSN

Emrie Beach
Emrie Beach, CNM

Christie Bryant
Christie Bryant, CNM, MS

Kelly Galbraith
Kelly Galbraith, CNM

Sophie Lowenstein
Sophie Lowenstein, CNM

Erin Ney
Erin Ney, CNM

Colleen Zarate Linares
Colleen Zarate Linares, CNM, MSN

We trust in the body and the birth process

The birth center model honors pregnancy and childbirth as a healthy and normal part of life. Birth Center of Denver offers customized care and many choices to fit your philosophy of low-risk pregnancy and natural birth. Our beautiful birth suites create a spacious home-like environment including a comfortable area for families. From hydrotherapy to alternate methods of pain management, every expectant family can create a birth plan to further personalize their care.

Our comprehensive, holistic model of care means that if there’s ever a need to transfer, our midwives are credentialed through Saint Joseph Hospital and medical records transfer seamlessly, so there’s no interruption of care. We also have doctors available to consult with 24 hours a day, if something more unexpected comes up.

Where you decide to deliver your baby is a big decision. You’re bound to have more questions. We can hopefully answer them here.


What is a freestanding birth center?

A freestanding birth center is a home-like facility outside of a hospital that uses a comprehensive approach to support pregnancy and childbirth as a natural, physiologic process within a family-centered environment. Your birth plan is customized based on what you want your experience to be. Your prenatal care, educational classes, labor and childbirth, postpartum and newborn care all take place in this comfortable setting.

What are the advantages of the Birth Center of Denver being owned by Saint Joseph Hospital?

Birth Center of Denver is licensed as a freestanding birth center, separate from Saint Joseph Hospital but incorporated into the SCL Health system. One advantage of being a hospital-owned birth center, is that our electronic medical records are integrated into the SCL Health system. If you, or your baby, need to be transferred to Saint Joseph Hospital, all nurse-midwives, physicians and nurses have immediate access to your medical records from Birth Center of Denver. This will help alleviate stress and a disruption in care if a transfer is needed.

Additionally, even though Birth Center of Denver operates independently, it meets the standards of the American Association of Birth Centers and can refer women to physician or nurse-midwife care, or transfer to a hospital if medical needs arise. Our Certified Nurse Midwives also have privileges at Saint Joseph Hospital, so there are several options for your birth if you need to be transferred to a hospital. Your birth center nurse-midwife can follow you to the hospital when possible, or one of her midwife partners from Saint Joseph can continue your care in the hospital.

While some hospitals refer to a labor and delivery unit within their facility as a birth center, Birth Center of Denver aligns with the philosophy of providing the natural experience of childbirth in a non-clinical and more cost-effective setting.

Why did Saint Joseph Hospital open a freestanding birth center?

You want the best when it comes to you and your baby during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. As Colorado’s top baby hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital takes pride in our ability to combine experience and expertise to provide a variety of complete care options. Many families want an experience outside of the hospital for a low-risk and more natural approach to childbirth, and Saint Joseph Hospital wants to meet the growing need for families who are considering a birth center option.

Saint Joseph Hospital is the first to establish a freestanding birth center outside of the hospital setting in Colorado.

Are birth centers becoming more popular?

The number of birth centers continues to grow nationally with more than 345 freestanding birth centers now operating in the United States. This represents growth of 76% since 2010 (www.birthcenters.org). Freestanding birth centers are gaining more momentum in direct response to women seeking a more natural approach to low-risk pregnancy and childbirth that occurs outside of a hospital.

What is the C-section rate for birth centers?

Birth centers typically provide a high touch, low tech approach to pregnancy and childbirth. Medical interventions are used only when medically necessary. According to the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) and the National Birth Center Study II (www.birthcenters.org), “Expecting families who choose the birth center setting in the U.S. can expect high-quality, family-centered care with a Cesarean rate of approximately 6%. Less than 2% of women who choose the birth center setting will require an urgent transfer for either mother or newborn.”

Do birth centers offer a lower cost for low risk pregnancies?

Yes. National data shows freestanding birth centers typically charge up to 50% less than the charges for an uncomplicated birth in the hospital setting.

Do you take insurance?

Yes. We accept most insurance plans, Kaiser, Medicaid and self-pay.

Is the Birth Center of Denver accredited?

Yes. Birth Center of Denver is accredited through the American Association of Birth Center (AABC) and the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC). This designation demonstrates our accountability and commitment to providing high-quality maternity care to childbearing families, insurance companies and our community.