Community Benefit and Community Health Improvement

Inspired by our faith, SCL Health addresses the most critical needs of the communities we serve; especially of those who are poor and vulnerable. The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth found creative ways to provide healthcare in their communities more than 150 years ago. Through strong community partnerships, SCL Health continues that work today, bringing innovative, evidence-based programs and services outside the hospital walls.

SCLH2019CBPieWhat is Community Benefit?

Community Benefit are programs, services and activities that: 

  • Respond to an identified community health need
  • Improve health in communities
  • Increase access to healthcare 

SCL Health is committed to investing in community benefit programs and initiatives that:

  • Address the most critical needs of the communities we serve, especially of those who are poor and vulnerable
  • Support health equity
  • Address social determinants of health – conditions in which people live, learn, work and play – including economic stability, education, social and community environment, food security, housing, and transportation

In 2018, SCL Health contributed $242 million in community benefit and touched over 287,131 lives through a variety of programs and services.

Questions about SCL Health Community Benefit activities? 


Katie Tiernan
Executive Director, Community Impact

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