Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

If you have a wound that hasn't healed in four weeks, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBO, might be right for you. We offer HBO as a primary treatment as well as a supplement to other wound therapies when your wound won't heal naturally.

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients breathe pure oxygen through a face mask, which greatly increases the amount of oxygen delivered to wounds and accelerates healing. Patients lie inside a pressurized chamber that allows the lungs to breathe in more air, making pure oxygen delivery more effective.

This therapy helps the body:

  • Grow new blood cells
  • Prevent infections
  • Rebuild bone, muscle and skin

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is easy, painless and proven to treat chronic wounds.

In addition to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we’ll provide educational resources to help you keep wounds clean and free from infection at home.

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