What to Expect – Sleep

Getting help for sleep problems can make your life better on a lasting basis. Our sleep specialists will get you ready for sleep studies, help you understand results and walk you through proven steps to a good night’s rest.

How we prepare you for a sleep study

Because everyone’s situation is different, we’ll create an individualized plan for your sleep study, based on your sleeping patterns and schedule. To help you stay as close to your routine as possible, we conduct day and night sleep studies, and where available, home sleep studies.

You will have your own space at one of our sleep labs, where we’ll help you settle in comfortably. Your doctor will provide specific instructions prior to your study, which may include changes to your sleep habits, caffeine intake or medication, based on your condition.

Sleep studies require a doctor’s referral. Find a Doctor near you to get started. 

Follow-up care for better sleep

Most sleep studies require at least six hours of observation and recording to arrive at a proper diagnosis. After your study, you can expect to have results in about one to two weeks. Some studies can be interpreted and ready sooner if there is an urgent need.

As soon as we have results from your sleep study, we’ll review them with you and discuss your treatment options. As treatment progresses, we’ll work together to make sure it’s improving your sleep and the way you feel.

If treatment includes CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), we’ll follow up to make any adjustments needed for a proper fit and show you how to clean and maintain the system.

Once you’ve adjusted to your treatment, we’re available to answer any questions and help you learn about and maintain healthy sleep habits.

Paying for sleep studies

Most insurance companies cover sleep studies. However, your insurance company may ask you to have a home sleep study rather than a sleep study in one of our sleep labs unless it is medically necessary. We will work with you to provide clarification on payment for sleep studies. Check with your insurance provider to find out what kind of sleep studies they cover.

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