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Home Health Patient Stories

To us, you are a person, not a patient. Hear from people who have found hope and healing at home, and who inspire us every day.

Tom found relief from pain -- and confidence in his recovery

I had been diagnosed for almost nine years – incorrectly. By the time I had my last episode with diverticulitis, it resulted in surgery. I was still in pain when I got home, and I was not managing the pain very well. I was struggling with knowing what to do - and how to handle everything else. On top of that, I wasn’t eating.

Within a week or week and a half of my first SCL Home Health visit, I was eating again. I was starting to figure out how to handle all of my medical equipment. My nurse just kept at it! She kept showing me, teaching me and helping me with different problems that I was having. She was supportive to my wife and me. We were both in distress when she walked in the door, and she could tell.

She educated us about what was going on and addressed our uncertainties and our lack of understanding. There was encouragement, and there was knowledge. There was compassion and certainly empathy that made a huge difference to my overall recovery.

Sondra received guidance after a bout of bronchitis

I use home health because I ended up in the hospital for four days with bronchitis. My doctor decided I needed some therapy coming into the home.

My nurse is Angel, and my therapists are Robin and Annette. I have to say, their personalities and their care are excellent. It has been a wonderful experience and a great help. They’ve been enthusiastic and encouraging, and they’ve helped me in every way they can.

I’ve learned a lot about drugs and different types of therapy that that will help in this type of situation. I have neuropathy in one foot, so they have helped me understand how that works and what I should be doing about it. SCL Home health has been a great experience, and I would recommend it for anyone.

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