Behavioral Health Education and Support

In addition to the advice and materials your doctor provides, we offer a comprehensive health library that covers a wide variety of subjects relating to addiction and mental health. Our programs can be tailored to adolescents, adults and seniors. We specialize in treating people who struggle with addiction and mental health conditions, including depression, eating disorders and personality disorders.

Addiction education and support resources

Some of the many addiction-related topics we cover in our health library include:

Quiz Addiction

Explore addiction-related content in our health library.

Patients and families dealing with addiction can benefit from working with a support group. Groups available include:

Mental health education and support resources

Our health library includes information on many topics related to mental health, including:

Learn more about mental health.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) supports patients with mental health conditions and their families through state and local affiliate organizations. Find your local NAMI affiliate.

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