Laser Lead Extraction is one of the latest technology-backed procedures available to safely remove problematic electoral lead wires for pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). Historically, lead extraction relied on using a counterweight to pull a lead out of the heart, which could result in heart damage or incomplete lead removal. Today, laser lead removal uses cold lasers to help remove leads with virtually no risk of damaging the heart during the procedure. Lead extraction is appropriate for patients with:

  • Lead wires that have become damaged or no longer operate
  • Excessive scar tissue around the lead
  • Leads that have caused a systemic infection
  • Leads that interfere with normal cardiovascular function
  • Leads that prevent MRI imaging or other diagnostic tests

Clinical studies of laser lead extraction have shown:

  • Higher success rates for the removal ICD leads
  • Fewer complications compares to other extraction methods
  • Faster procedure times

Program Information

Lutheran Medical Center has developed a multidisciplinary team of electrophysiologists, cardiac surgeons, and cardiac cauterizations teams to create a successful laser lead extraction program. Today, Lutheran Medical Center is one of the few hospitals in the region that can offer this procedure.

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