The Convergent Procedure, or Convergent Maze Procedure, is a hybrid intervention that combines minimally invasive heart surgery with electrophysiology ablation to treat patients with chronic atrial fibrillation (Afib) or for those with Afib and heart valve disease. The procedure uses a surgical method to block abnormal electrical signals while a catheter applies radiofrequency ablation to fill in gaps and confirm that irregular signals are being effectively blocked.

The Convergent Procedure is may be a treatment option for patients with:

  • Chronic or persistent Afib
  • Unsuccessful outcomes with other Afib treatments
  • Structural heart disease and Afib

Based on clinical trials, the Convergent Procedure has shown:

  • Complete ablation pattern on the inside and outside of the heart
  • Confirmation of procedural success
  • Shorter hospital stays, minimal discomfort and faster recovery
  • Reduced number of repeat or follow-up ablation procedures

Program Information

Lutheran Medical Center has one of the most developed and experienced Convergent Procedure teams in the region. The electrophysiology and cardiac surgery teams work seamlessly together, which has created both clinical and operational success for patients who need this complex procedure.

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