Cardiac MRI (CMRI) creates detailed images of the heart in motion without ionizing x-rays, making it one of the safest heart diagnostic methods available. Using powerful magnets and software, CMRI allows for clear and accurate measurement of heart chambers, blood flow, and systolic function. CMRI also allows providers to better understand damage to the heart such as scarring from heart attacks and other diseases.

CMRI can also be combined with chemical stress testing making for one of the most comprehensive and informative heart exams available anywhere in the world.

Cardiac MRI may be appropriate to assess and evaluate:

  • Heart and/or blood vessel structure
  • Blood flow to the heart
  • Heart damage caused by a heart attack or infection
  • Tumors, lesions or scarring of the heart

Program Information

SCL Health offers comprehensive CMRI and is the only provider to offer the routine combined CMRI and chemical stress testing. As a result, the program offers some of the best cardiac images and clinical information to care for cardiovascular patients in Denver.

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