The Advanced Heart Failure Program provides innovative treatments, reduces symptoms, and enhances the quality of life for patients with heart failure. To reduce hospital admissions and extend the lives of heart failure patients, the Advanced Heart Failure program works closely with patients and their health care providers to create a successful treatment plan to manage the disease. Focusing on education for self-care, medication management, careful testing and monitoring, and fast access to adjunct therapies when needed, the program provides a holistic and personalized approach to support patients and their families.

Clinical Care and Services

  • Comprehensive testing to assess candidacy for advanced heart failure therapy referrals including VADs, heart transplant, and inotropes
  • In-clinic IV diuretic treatment to avoid ER visits and hospitalization
  • Specialized care for rare diseases, such as cardiac amyloidsis and peripartum cadiomypathy
  • Patient education, support and self-care instruction
  • Direct access to cardiac rehabilitation, EP or CardioMEMS device implantation, dietician consult, sleep studies, and advanced heart failure therapies
  • Consultation on advanced treatments, palliative and hospice care in accordance with patient wishes and goals

Program Candidates and Indications

The Advanced Heart Failure Program accepts heart failure patients at all stages including patients:

  • Recently diagnosed with Heart Failure
  • Diagnosed HFpEF and HFrEF, RV failure
  • Recently hospitalized
  • Requiring monitoring of fluid status and electrolytes
  • Requiring titration of medications and monitoring for tolerance
  • Needing teaching and organization about heart failure management

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