Scheduled Video Visits


Chat face-to-face with an experienced and caring SCL Health provider via video in the comfort of your own home. You can save time to do other things since this eliminates your need to travel or time spent in waiting rooms.

**Please note that providers are licensed to practice per state. A patient receiving care or consultation must be located in the same state(s) to which a provider is licensed to practice. This is a requirement for video and in-person visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have a video visit?

Anyone present in Colorado, Montana, or Wyoming at the time of their appointment can use a video visit to receive care for common health issues.

Teens and their proxies can schedule a video visit in MyChart.

Parents, guardians and caretakers can initiate a video visit on behalf of children younger than 12 years of age through the parent's proxy MyChart account.

Can I get prescriptions through a video visit?

Yes, if needed, your provider can order prescription medications for you and send them directly to the pharmacy of your choice.

What conditions can be treated by video visit?

 •   Abdominal pain
 •   Acne
 •   Allergies / hay fever
 •   Animal and insect bites
 •   Asthma and asthma prescription refills
 •   Athlete's foot
 •   Blood pressure prescription refill
 •   Breastfeeding concerns
 •   Canker or cold sore
 •   Cold / sinus infection
 •   Constipation
 •   Ear pain
 •   Epipen prescription refill
 •   Eye pain, eye bump, or irritation
 •   GERD  
 •   Headache or migraine
 •   Influenza (flu)
 •   Low back pain
 •   Minor burns and sunburns
 •   Motion sickness
 •   Mouth sores
 •   Pertussis (whooping cough)
 •   Pink eye
 •   Rashes
 •   Ringworm
 •   Shingles
 •   Sinus pain or pressure
 •   Smoking cessation
 •   Sprains and strains
 •   Tick bite
 •   Tinea (fungal skin infection)
 •   Travel medication
 •   Upset stomach and nausea
 •   UTI
 •   Yeast infection

How long does a video visit take?

Request or schedule a video visit through MyChart. Once connected with a care provider, most video visits take about 10 minutes. Depending on your circumstances, times may vary for your care provider to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.

If you already have a MyChart account with SCL Health, you can sign in to your account to start your video visit. If you do not already have an SCL Health MyChart account, you will need to create one for a video visit.

What if I am having a technical issue?

Ensure that you have a compatible browser (not Internet Explorer) and that pop-ups are not being blocked, and follow these step by step instructions for a mobile device or computer.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a video visit?

Many insurance plans are adding video visits as a covered benefit. However some insurance plans do not cover video visits. You may be responsible for your co-pay amount prior to seeing the provider. We will then attempt to bill your insurance. If your insurer does not cover video visits, you will be billed for the service.

What kind of technology do I need to have a video visit?

To start a video visit you will need the SCL Health MyChart app on your video-enabled smart device or log into MyChart on your computer using a compatible browser.

How can my provider treat me without a physical exam?

Many times your provider does not need to perform a hands-on exam to safely diagnose and treat your condition.

Can I receive help in scheduling a video visit?

If you need assistance in scheduling a video visit with a specific provider, please call the clinic.

If you need assistance in scheduling a video visit with a next-available provider, please call 1-866-252-1100.