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With Health Insurance Marketplaces and the expansion of Medicaid, uninsured Americans have better access to quality, affordable health coverage. A key component of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), these marketplaces allow people to compare prices and shop for health coverage – online or via phone. The information about each insurance plan is provided in easy-to-understand language. All plans show the cost and benefits in simple language with no fine print.

Open enrollment generally begins in mid-November and closes in mid-January, but outside of that time frame, avenues still exist for many people to sign up for coverage. The ACA allows for special enrollment periods if a person experiences a “qualifying life event,” which includes getting married, having children, losing coverage to the loss of a job, or even moving to a new area. Healthcare.gov has more information and answers to specific questions online. You can also download our Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Insurance.

FamilyatComputer XSTo inquire about Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) eligibility, visit healthcare.gov.

Help is Available to Pay for Your Coverage

A provision of the ACA provides financial assistance to help many Americans afford quality health coverage. The Amount of financial assistance a consumer qualifies for is based on their household income and family size and is based on a sliding scale.

Use this subsidy calculator to give you an idea of how much assistance you may qualify for in order to purchase health coverage.

We’re Committed to Coverage

We are here to assist you in understanding the insurance options available to you. Our Patient Financial Advocates and Certified Application Counselors located at each of our hospitals to help patients and consumers understand the options available and associated costs. Contact a Certified Application Counselor in your local area, email a question or call us today at 855-821-0124.

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