Holy Rosary has a special place in my heart. They've saved my life, twice! And so when my body gives out on me, there's only one place I need to turn.

Roger's Story

"Whether it's been major joint replacement, surgeries, or more routine care, I've always had an exceptional experience and high-quality outcomes. The doctors – like Dr. Dan Brooke – the nurses, physical therapists, the entire team are all very committed to taking great care of their patients. I believe so much in Holy Rosary, I’ve personally referred many friends, family and business acquaintances and they’ve become believers too."

In Eastern Montana we work hard, and all too often our joints bear the unmistakable signs of wear and tear as a result. Fortunately, the orthopedic and rehabilitation experts at Holy Rosary Healthcare are here to get our patients back doing what they want – and need – to do most.

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