When the girls were 18 months old, we went to my dad's house in Miles City to visit him after Christmas. Hadley started getting sick. She woke up about midnight just burning up with fever and having a really hard time breathing.

Hadley's Story

Hadley's mom, Tami, called 911, jumped in the car and rushed the girl down the long gravel road to meet an ambulance. On the way, Hadley stopped breathing twice. Fortunately, Holy Rosary Healthcare's pediatric transport team arrived in time to resuscitate her.

"Got to the ER. They gave her some nebulizer treatments, so she started breathing good for a while again. And then it took a turn for the worse and she stopped breathing. They called Code Blue and brought the crash cart in."

Hadley had Influenza A, better known as Swine Flu. The pediatric specialists at Holy Rosary worked quickly to stabilize the infant. After putting Hadley on a ventilator, the physicians recommended transferring her to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of our sister hospital, St. Vincent Healthcare. Thanks to the quick action of Holy Rosary's pediatric transport team and the specialists of our Children's Care department, Hadley didn't suffer any brain damage. After a week in the P.I.C.U., she was released a completely healthy little girl.

"It was amazing. Just the 'she's going to be ok.' It makes you really enjoy and treasure every day that you have with your kids."

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