John's Story, Orthopedics Patient

For years, John enjoyed an active Colorado lifestyle including downhill skiing and cycling. Then in 2015, he started having issues with his left hip. As the pain got worse, he was no longer able to do the activities he enjoyed. His quality of life began to suffer too, as he started to struggle with daily activities, like stepping into the shower, putting on socks, and getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

After years of managing his joint pain, John decided to move forward with orthopedic surgery on August 10, 2020, at Saint Joseph hospital. In addition to a newer facility, John especially enjoyed the staff’s attentiveness and hospitality. “The care that they exhibited, the interaction I had with them was really, really good.”

Post-surgery, John is already enjoying better mobility, “I feel good. I’m able to do the activities that I enjoy. Emotionally it’s a lift because I know I’m not going to have any of that pain that I had before.”

Learn more about joint replacement options at Saint Joe's.

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