March is National Nutrition Month

HRH Alta Dunning HeadshotMarch is National Nutrition Month. Registered Dietitians are encouraging everyone to Personalize your Plate. Embracing nutritional and physical wellness is not accomplished by a “one-size fits all” approach. Registered Dietitians are well aware that individuals have their own barriers to overcome on the path to wellness. For some, there may be financial limits, time constraints, limited cooking skills, or particular palates. It’s important to remember to customize your nutrition plan based on your individual needs. Consider the following tips and decide how you can best personalize your plate.

Cook and Prepare your meals at home. 2020 has very likely tested our home cooking skills, patience, and perhaps caused a few messes in the kitchen. However, having control over the ingredients in your recipes can ultimately lower fat, sugar, and salt content. Utilize,, or for cooking tips, tutorials, and recipes that fit your preferences.

Meal Planning can help you avoid feeling powerless when there is a time crunch during the week. Start small, pick 1 or 2 meals to plan for breakfast, lunch or dinner so you’re nourished even if you’re on the go. It’s helpful to evaluate what is in your refrigerator before you go to the grocery store to minimize potential waste. Choosing recipes with similar ingredients can simplify meal preparation.

Vary Your Diet. Perhaps you dislike certain foods or have a food allergy. With planning, you can honor your preferences and still be well nourished. The important thing to consider is that we need to incorporate foods from all the food groups to meet our body’s nutrient needs. Use your detective skills to find foods in each food group that you do enjoy. Consider colorful fruits and vegetables at meals or snacks, try a new grain you cannot pronounce, include a plant based protein such as almonds or soy in your day. You may find some new food favorites.

Visit a Registered Dietitian to further hone your skills. It takes practice to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Having further guidance can offer support on one’s journey to nourishing your body. Embrace your individuality and your personal needs. Individual appointments are available or you could consider joining the Healthy Lifestyles group which will start a new session soon. For more information, call 406-233-3074.

Holy Rosary would like to assist patients meet their personalized needs. If you’re interested in support for your overall health, contact the clinic at 406-233-2500 and let us welcome you back to your best self.

Alta Dunning, Registered Dietitian

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