SCL Health Offers New Cardio-Oncology Program at Saint Joseph Hospital

New in 2020, the SCL Health Heart & Vascular Institute has expanded its complex heart and vascular care service offering with the addition of a new Cardio-Oncology Program at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver.

As one of the few cardio-oncology programs in the Rocky Mountain region, patients now have better access to specialized care designed to prevent, treat and potentially reverse heart problems that can occur with traditional cancer treatment.

As described in the Journal of American College of Cardiology, cardio-oncology addresses the cardiac needs of patients throughout the entire cancer journey: before (risk assessment), during (detection of CV toxicity), and after (survivorship) cancer treatment. The guiding principle of the cardio-oncology approach is to enable patients to complete the best possible cancer therapy with the lowest possible cardiovascular impact.

One of the hallmarks of the new cardio-oncology program at Saint Joseph Hospital is its collaborative approach to patient care. Working closely with a patient’s existing care team, ranging from medical oncologists to surgeons, the program co-manages planning and treatment in a way that reduces lapse in case, expedites testing and treatment.

Our multidisciplinary approach to treatment allows us to provide quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care while ensuring that we have the best possible communication between our patients and the medical professionals involved with their care.

For more information about the Cardio-Oncology program or to make a referral, visit or call 303-318-2435.

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