Prepare for Relief: How to Move Forward with Joint Surgery

During the coronavirus pandemic, many joint surgeries, such as joint replacements and arthroscopy, were delayed or canceled. This protected patients from exposure to the virus. And it saved medical equipment for doctors treating COVID-19.

But now that these procedures can move forward, you may have questions. Here’s what you need to know.
First, know that your provider—and all medical officials—prioritizes your safety above all else. If your healthcare team recommends surgery now, they have confidence you won’t face unnecessary risks. It also means your long-term outcome will likely be better if you have the procedure sooner, not later.

Depending on your condition, further delays could lead to:

  • More pain and loss of function
  • Neurological problems
  • Trouble getting back to work or performing everyday activities

Making decisions about joint care and surgery always relies on informed conversations with your healthcare provider. Now is no exception.

If you had a procedure already booked, your provider may reach out to discuss rescheduling. But if you’re unsure, call your doctor’s office and ask about your options.

You may worry that your healthcare provider has been exposed to COVID-19. During the pandemic, doctors who were treating infections worked hard to protect themselves and their patients. Many also took steps to keep their skills sharp, including attending virtual meetings and education sessions.

Still, don’t hesitate to ask your provider any questions you have about your procedure and safety. Take a moment to write them down before your call or visit. That way, you can ensure all your concerns are addressed.

When you come back to the doctor’s office or hospital, you may notice some things that look different. These are signs your healthcare team is working to protect you.

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