Don’t Put Off Essential Cancer Screenings

Thanks to earlier detection, more Americans are surviving cancer. That’s why you shouldn’t put off having the screening tests you need.

While scheduling a mammogram or colonoscopy may not be top of mind for you right now, screening tests like these can spot cancer before it causes any symptoms. Usually, the sooner cancer is found, the better the chance it can be treated before it has spread. This often means that treatment will be more successful.

Cancer screening may include a physical examination by a healthcare provider, an X-ray or a laboratory test. In many cases, a mix of methods—such as clinical breast exam and mammography—is recommended.

Your provider can tell you which cancer screenings you should have and how often. Your medical history, your family health history and other risk factors you have all play a role.

The bottom line: Early detection of cancer can save many lives. And a key piece of early detection is the use of screening tests.

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