St. Vincent’s Drs. Kevin & Erica Bruen do their part in keeping our community safe

Dr EricaFor the Bruen family, the question is not ‘why mask?’ but rather ‘why not mask?’ As a husband and wife that both are physicians, Drs. Kevin and Erica Bruen believe that the benefits of wearing a mask should be enough to convince our community to do the same.

“What do you have to lose? If your simple act of wearing a face mask was to prevent illness and/or death in another, would it be worth it to you?” said Dr. Erica Bruen. “If you were to find out that you were positive for COVID-19 and had to contact trace back to everyone you were around without a mask over the previous 14 days, how would that conversation go? If your choice of not wearing a mask led to transmission of the virus to another, how would that make you feel?”

They believe that the evidence speaks for itself and masking helps decrease and prevent the transmission of this virus.

The Bruen family also masks up because communities that implemented mandatory mask use have shown a flattening of the curve and a decrease in the spread of the pandemic and an ability to keep their economy open. A decrease in the spread translates directly to lives saved, and sickness and long-term morbidity prevented.

“If we can protect each other and our community until a vaccine is available, and until the virus can dwindle away, why not take every precaution possible?” she added.
The duo wears a mask all day at work, and a triple layer cloth mask when in public, because they don't want to have the conversation with a patient, or a family member, or a friend, or a stranger that they became infected for not taking the proper precautions.

“As a doctor, and as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend, and a human being, it only makes sense,” Dr. Erica Bruen concluded.  


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