Medical Imaging Celebrates Enhanced CT Scanning

CTScannerLutheran now offers CT scanning that can provide faster, sharper low-dose imaging to physicians and their patients.

A ribbon-cutting was held last week for the Aquilion One GENESIS with Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (artificial intelligence technology for those of us not used to this acronym) – the first in Colorado.

Also known as a Canon Genesis 640 scanner, the new technology allows for volume scanning, or the ability to scan a brain or heart in one rotation. Perfusion scanning will cover the entire brain as well and not just a selected portion.

The AI technology enables lowering the radiation dose while increasing image quality. The new equipment also can be used for a variety of cardiology, neurological and chest, abdomen and pelvis imaging as well as metal subtraction.

Officials from Canon and Lutheran senior leadership joined the Medical Imaging Department to introduce and celebrate the new machine.

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