St. Vincent In the News | COVID-19

During these uncertain times, it’s important to help our community understand how they might be affected by COVID-19, what they can personally do to stay healthy and the role they play in this as a member of our community. We appreciate the knowledge, expertise and reassurance our medical team is providing to our patients and community. Below are some of the ways we’ve shared this important information through our local news media:

2 Yellowstone County Health Workers Test Positive for Coronavirus, Official Says — Billings Gazette

Dr. Sears Talks COVID-19 — Montana Talks

Billings ER Doctors say Medical Professionals aren’t Only Ones Relying on Social Distancing — Billings Gazette

Expecting Mothers Get One Visitor during Birth — KULR8

COVID-19 and Cancer Treatments — KULR8

Dr. Erica Bruen Shares Her Most Commonly Asked Questions About Coronavirus Disease 2019 — KTVQ2


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