March is National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month focuses on small changes to eating well and increasing physical activity. Registered dietitians know that making lifestyle changes are not something that happens overnight. To be successful, small, measurable goals are woven into every step of the way.

Bite by Bite indicates needs for modifying your choices little by little. For example, if we want to make changes to our eating habits, is it realistic to go home and throw away the groceries in our pantries? This strategy is probably an expensive and deflating attempt to look at making diet changes. However, through education and encouragement, better food habits can be established. Often times it starts with believing in ourselves. We need to take a look at ourselves and our daily habits. Call it being a sleuth, but the more investigative one can be toward their own health choices, the better we are at determining the next course of action. If we assume responsibility for our own actions and reach out to professionals for additional assistance, we can improve our nutrition and overall wellbeing over time. For example, have you ever looked in your grocery cart and asked if all five food groups are represented? Have you eyed your plate moments before digging in to see if you have a fruit or veggie on your plate? These small moments can be instrumental in determining modifications for your own personal goals.  Think about the following questions:

- How often do you look in your pantry or refrigerator before grocery shopping?
- How often do you go to the grocery store?
- Do you plan your meals before shopping?
- How often do you eat out? 
- What is your beverage of choice?

The answer to these questions can also help determine your baseline of daily eating habits. I challenge you to take a look at your day to day habits and see how changing one of those answers could affect your nutrition. We can’t always control our environments, but how we respond to them can change the outcome for the better or for the worse. Are you interested in changing your health? Have you thought about the steps it takes to make changes to your daily habits? 

Holy Rosary Healthcare can also help you make changes for the better. We offer programs such as Healthy Lifestyles (Diabetes Prevention Program), Blood Pressure Loaner Cuff Program, Walk with Ease, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab. We offer nutrition counseling services via referral from primary care providers. If you’re interested in changing your nutrition Bite by Bite or increasing your physical activity, call 406-233-2500 to learn more or conveniently schedule online here.

Alta Peila, RD
Clinical Dietitian and Lifestyle Coach


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