Healthy Lifestyle Program Begins on January 21

On December 31, 2020, what are you going to be seriously glad and proud that you have accomplished?

Have you thought about what you should change about your current lifestyle?  Have you considered that you could positively impact your health by reducing the risks of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, dementia, osteoporosis, and several other chronic illnesses?

Concerned about chronic disease and how it will affect the life you want to live?  Here are some things you might consider:
I can decrease my risk of diabetes or its complications
I can decrease my risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and their complications 
I can decrease my risk of several kinds of cancers
I can increase my brain health
I can decrease the symptoms of depression
I can increase my bone health

Scientific research has shown that lifestyle changes can help you do all of those things.  The Healthy Lifestyles Program at Holy Rosary Healthcare is an evidence based program designed to help decrease the risks of developing diabetes.  It is a very happy coincidence that the same lifestyle changes can contribute to overall good health and help you reach any or all of those goals. It turns out that the foods we choose to eat and the ways we choose to move our body can help determine the quality and length of our life.  Habit changes are never easy, which is why the research shows that a yearlong program of gradual changes is most effective. The Healthy Lifestyles program includes learning about the risk factors of chronic diseases, individualized opportunities to plan the food choices and physical activity ideas that work for each individual, and the support and empowerment to make a change for life.

Here are some possible first steps to consider as you move forward to 2020.

I will choose to move by starting with small steps of activities that I enjoy.
I will use physical activity as “me” time to help relieve stress.
I will be choosy about what I eat.  I will pay attention to ingredients, nutrients, and portion size to choose what I really want to eat and to savor it in moderation.  
I will learn about chronic disease risk factors and plan my personal strategies to decrease risk.
I will choose to use physical activity and nutrient rich foods to help me move toward the vision I have of myself on December 31, 2020.

To find out how you can better your health habits in 2020, contact: 
Katie Patch, MS, ATC/LAT
Licensed Athletic Trainer and Lifestyle Coach
Holy Rosary Healthcare

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