The First 1,000 Days of Life

When Lacey Salminen found out that she was eleven weeks pregnant she knew that this was the moment she needed to turn her life around. As an expecting mother with an addiction who had never held a steady job or a permanent place to stay, she had a tough road ahead.

Women like Lacey are why Joslin Hubbard and Dr. Mulcaire-Jones started the "First 1,000 Days of Life" program here at St. James. What happens to a child during the first 1,000 days sets the trajectory for their life-long physical, emotional and relational health.

With the proper support, resources, and education women and families can ensure that their babies will be less likely to endure the same challenges they faced in their childhood.

The "First 1,000 Days of Life" is part of the Montana Healthcare Foundation's Meadowlark Initiative.


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