Dr. Scott Sears Discusses Coughing, Alternative Medicine, Sleeping and Vaping

St. Vincent’s Dr. Scott Sears Discusses  Coughing, Alternative Medicine, Sleeping, and Vaping 

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By: Scott Sears, MD -- Medical Director of Primary Care, SCL Health Medical Group Montana

Knowing personal background and health updates to your physician is key to assisting them to find the cause of ailment and care needed for the health issue. There are common causes for things like coughing, that help patients to understand why they would be coughing throughout the night. Sometimes it could be a medication they are taking, ailments, or vocal cord rubbing. Luckily there are simple tests that can be run to better understand the reasoning for the coughing and eliminate high-risk conditions. 

There are many times that patients are looking for alternative care rather than opting for medication, St. Vincent Healthcare utilizes integrative medicine to give patients more options. At Frontier Cancer Center, we have a natural medicine specialist to talk with our patients about the options they have while going through chemo, especially those items that are available in Billings. 

Sleep is highly important to all parts of personal health. If there are issues with sleeping, this can lead to other issues as well. Checking in with one’s physician is highly important to find the cause of loss of sleep, especially if this is happening over an extended period of time. Most of the sleep issues fall under categories, health reasons, and mindfulness. If a patient is having issues falling asleep or staying asleep this could be a lack of turning off one’s mind. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps turn your mind off thus helping people get more quality sleep. St. Vincent Healthcare has experts embedded in the primary care clinics to help train patients on this process and practicing it throughout the day. These are sleep behaviors that the patients are not aware of, and sleep studies are important to help find an underlying cause. 

We know that more than one-third of high school students are using vaping products. In recent news, we have seen how vapes are being assumed to cause illnesses, but there are other things that play into this topic that the media is missing. Using store-bought juice rather than enhanced products are found to be safer, yet there is still research arguing that vaping of any kind leads to lung conditions such as lung disease. There is difficulty in saying what diseases and conditions are being caused by vapes because there is no testing that physicians can run. We do know that Vitamin E Acetate and additions could be the leading cause. If someone is going to vape, be safer by buying products straight from the stores rather than adding things to it, especially if the additions are coming from someone else. THC is another addition to vapes that are concerning to physicians. THC in developing brains can cause brain damage, and we need parents to be more open about these topics. 

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