Billings Symphony Gifts Violin to St. Vincent Pediatric Patient

Local News Coverage:

Q2 News

 St. Vincent Healthcare recently began a collaboration with the Billings Symphony to provide bedside music for pediatric patients. Several times a month, volunteers with the Billings Symphony bring the strains of sometimes soft, sometimes lively violin music to some of St. Vincent’s youngest patients.

The collaboration is an extension of St. Vincent’s music therapy program that aims to normalize the hospital environment by bringing something from outside the hospital walls into patients’ rooms. One of our long-term pediatric patients, 13-year-old Michael Blankenship, recently received quite the gift from the Billings Symphony — a brand new, bright blue violin! The musicians have played for Michael many times throughout this summer and knew he would really enjoy learning how to play the violin.

Michael was thrilled to receive the new instrument and started playing it right away. Families and staff alike have commented on the benefits of the music being played. Music is shown to reduce stress, lessen anxiety and improve mood — all desirable outcomes for patients. By providing a brief melodic reprieve from the hospital environment, our patients can close their eyes and relax to the tune of a different type of medicine.


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