St. Vincent Healthcare's Dr. Erica Bruen discusses HELP Flight celebration

 Click here or the image below to view Dr. Erica's TV segment on Q2 News' Montana this Morning: 


For the last 40 years, St. Vincent Healthcare has been dedicated to providing air ambulance services to the region. As one of the first hospital-based helicopter programs in the nation, the St. Vincent HELP (Helicopter Emergency Lifesaving Program) Flight program was a pioneer in air medical transportation services and has continued to evolve over the past four decades. 

The St. Vincent Healthcare air medical program includes both a fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter, which respond to an emergency call as soon as it is received. The fixed-wing aircraft transports patients throughout the country, while the helicopter can transport patients within 150 mile radius of Billings.

In addition to transporting adult and pediatric patients with medical illness or trauma related injuries, the St. Vincent flight team also has specially trained teams for transporting high-risk pregnancies, premature and full-term babies in need of specialty care. The flight team includes Flight Registered Nurses with critical care experience, Flight Paramedics, Flight Respiratory Therapists, Neonatal and Maternal Flight Specialists, and Flight Communications Specialists.

The program serves central, south central, and eastern Montana as well as northern Wyoming and western North and South Dakota. The team also has the ability to transport patients to larger cities like Denver, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle, Washington and Rochester, Minnesota. 

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