St. Vincent Healthcare's Dr. Erica Bruen discusses postpartum depression

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One in seven women experience postpartum depression after giving birth to their baby. The symptoms of postpartum depression are similar to symptoms of depression, but may also include:

Crying more often than usual
Feelings of anger
Withdrawing from loved ones
Feeling distant from your baby
Worrying or feeling overly anxious
Thinking about hurting yourself or your baby
Doubting your ability to care for your baby

Some mothers may feel : 

Totally overwhelmed
Scared by your thoughts
Like you’re not yourself

If you think you might be experiencing postpartum depression it's improtant to talk to your personal doctor or other healthcare provider. Visit for more information on services offered to women. 

Additional Resources:
Postpartum Support International Helpline: 1-800-944-4PPD (4773) or text 503-894-9453
National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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