Beauty in the Small Moments Make All the Difference

I have the privilege of working closely with our wonderful providers at Platte Valley Medical Center. I see how hard they work to meet the many demands that are made of them. Time is one of their most valuable assets and yet I'm always forced to pause in gratitude when I stumble upon the moments they take to honor humanity and provide person-centered care. 

A beautiful moment happened at Platte Valley recently. One of our physician leaders in the emergency department made every attempt to provide services and resources for an older gentleman. The patient and his wife came to our emergency department after he sustained minor injuries that did not meet criteria for admission but left him at risk and made him a prime candidate for major injuries. The ED provider was able to get as many services in place for this family as was possible.

This patient was being impacted by the shortcomings of our current healthcare system and he was being cared for by a physician who recognized the constraints, but did everything he possibly could to help. After making sure that all of the options were utilized he took the time to sit down with this patient's wife. He bought her coffee and explained why the patient wasn't able to admit, in a way that she could understand. He recognized that this patient fell through the cracks of our disjointed healthcare system but would not allow the system to impact his values. 

By Lori Fensterman, Patient Advocate at Platte Valley Medical Center

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