Pet Therapy makes an impact at St. Vincent Healthcare

St. Vincent Healthcare's Pet Therapy Program can lower blood pressure, have a calming effect and provide stress relief.

Parvin is one of four therapy dogs at St. Vincent Healthcare; the hospital hopes to grow the program so they can have a certified pup visit the hospital every day of the week

Breyon Arisland, Pet Therapy Volunteer, said, "We walk into a hallway- the nurses flood him, all sorts of workers around here and it's all about him. And, there is nothing better in his life than when he's the center of attention."

If you are interested in becoming a pet therapy volunteer, St. Vincent Healthcare covers the certification cost. Contact Brenda Nagel, Volunteer Coordinator at St. Vincent Healthcare, at (406) 237-3376 for more information. St. Vincent Healthcare is only requesting dogs for their pet therapy program at this time.

To read and watch the full KULR 8 News story, click image below.


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