Things to Consider When Choosing a Primary Care Physician

A primary care provider is just that — the first person you go to for any health questions or concerns. When you choose a primary care provider, you form a partnership with someone who knows your health history and is there to support you and your family, year after year.

Important factors when choosing a physician who’s right for you:



✓ Are the receptionists courteous when you have questions or schedule an appointment?
✓ Does the physician have positive online reviews?
✓ Do trusted family or friends have a physician that they recommend?


✓ What is your initial reaction to meeting the physician?
✓ Did they listen to you and give enough time for questions?
✓ Was it easy to schedule your appointment, get registered and have your questions answered?


✓ How far are you willing to travel for your wellness check-ups? What about when you’re not feeling well?
✓ Were you able to get an appointment within a reasonable timeframe?
✓ Is the physician accessible even after normal business hours?


Every physician has a unique philosophy of care. It’s important to make sure that you choose one that meets your individual needs and is a person that you trust.

Find a physician near you or schedule an appointment online:

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